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Basment clean out, we removed all the junk and it was located in Lancaster, Pa

Basement Cleanouts

Say goodbye to your junk! Junk Lockdown! LLC is here to help you reclaim your basement and get organized. Our professional team will take on all the hard work so you can relax and enjoy a clutter-free space



Junk Lockdown! LLC is aware of how annoying and distressing a messy basement can be. We also realize that attempting to clean it up on your own is far more difficult and aggravating. We provide full-service basement cleanouts in the Lancaster County Area in order to spare you from having to do this difficult task on your own.

  • You won't have to do anything because we have a large workforce.

  • We'll quickly transport basement trash of all sizes to our truck.

  • We'll even sweep up your basement once we're done.

 "A cleaned basement after the thorough junk removal services provided by Junk Lockdown! LLC. The image reveals a spacious and organized basement with no traces of clutter or junk. The once cluttered space is now transformed into an inviting and functional area. The floors are clean and clear, allowing for easy movement. The walls are visible, free from any obstructions, and ready for potential renovations or further utilization. The removal process carried out by Junk Lockdown! LLC has created a clean and refreshed environment, offering the homeowner a sense of satisfaction and a blank canvas to repurpose the basement according to their needs and preferences."

Benefits of Hiring Junk Lockdown! LLC

1. Expertise and Efficiency: Our highly skilled team has years of experience in basement cleanouts. We understand the unique challenges that come with basement spaces and possess the expertise to handle them effectively. From removing bulky items to tackling debris and unwanted junk, we efficiently navigate through the process, ensuring a thorough cleanout in a timely manner.

2. Customized Solutions: We recognize that every basement cleanout is different. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop a tailored plan to address them. Whether you require a complete basement overhaul or targeted removal of specific items, we have the flexibility to adapt our services to your requirements.

3. Safe and Responsible Disposal: As an environmentally conscious company, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. After the cleanout, we ensure proper disposal and recycling of the items, minimizing our impact on the environment. You can have peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are handled responsibly and disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

A cluttered basement in Lancaster, Pennsylvania being cleared out by a professional junk removal team. They are removing various items such as furniture, boxes, and debris to create a clean and organized space. The team is wearing protective gear and using specialized equipment to safely handle and dispose of the items."


  • Junk Lockdown! LLC is a locally owned junk removal business that focuses on customer satisfaction and affordable prices. Pick us and see the difference between us and the “big box” companies up close!

  • To best serve you, we always show up on time, dressed in uniform, with all the equipment needed for the job.

  • Point us to your Basment, let us know what you’d like to get rid of, and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

  • Our quotes tell you what you’re paying upfront. It’s up to you to approve our quote and let us get to work.

  • After we’ve finished the appointment, simply pay the same price you agreed to earlier. No hidden fees.


"Assorted tools arranged for removal by a junk removal service. The collection includes various hand tools, power tools, and hardware accessories. Among them are hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, drills, and saws, neatly organized and ready to be loaded onto the junk removal truck. The tools show signs of use with visible wear, scratches, and some rust. This removal service provides a convenient solution for disposing of unwanted tools, helping declutter spaces and promoting a cleaner environment in Lancaster County."


Old tools and toolboxes that are rusty and unusable pose no problem to our crew. We’ll load them up in our truck and take them away for recycling.

 "Dilapidated black couch with worn-out cushions and visible stains, placed curbside for removal by a junk removal company in Lancaster, PA. The couch features a broken armrest and sagging seat, indicating significant signs of wear and tear. It is positioned next to several discarded items, highlighting the need for thorough junk removal services in the area."


Sometimes, your unwanted furniture is so ugly, you stash it in the basement just to get it out of your sight. It’s time to say goodbye for good.

"White trash bags filled with junk ready for removal in Lancaster, PA."

Bagged Trash

Got trash sitting out in your basement? Maybe you thought whatever you bagged up would be useful someday, but it just isn’t. We’ll take it!

 "White refrigerator being removed from a house by a professional junk removal company in Lancaster County. The refrigerator stands upright in the kitchen, occupying a designated space. It has a clean exterior with a glossy white finish, featuring a freezer compartment on the top and a refrigerator section below. The appliance has a single door with a handle on the right side. Empty shelves are visible inside, indicating that the refrigerator has been emptied prior to removal. The junk removal team carefully maneuvers the refrigerator through the doorway, preparing to transport it for proper disposal or recycling, providing convenient and efficient removal services for residents in Lancaster County."


Got a broken appliance you moved to the garage? We’ll take it off your hands and move it to our truck. Say hello to new basement space!

 "Stack of used tires awaiting junk removal in Lancaster, PA."


Deflated and punctured tires aren’t good for driving—or anything else, really. Clear up some space with some hauling help from us.

 "Bundle of rolled-up carpet being removed from the basement by a professional junk removal company in Lancaster County. The rolled-up carpets are neatly stacked, showcasing various sizes and colors. They are placed in a designated area of the basement, ready for removal. The carpets exhibit signs of use with visible wear, stains, and frayed edges. The junk removal team carefully lifts and carries the rolled-up carpets, preparing to transport them for proper disposal or recycling. The removal service offers a convenient solution for homeowners in Lancaster County, ensuring the removal of unwanted carpeting and creating a clutter-free space."


Basements can house all sorts of weird junk, and usually, none of it is very useful to you. Don’t fret. We can make it so it’s no longer your problem.












"Our truck and trailer for Junk Lockdown, a professional junk removal company serving Lancaster, Pa. The truck is a spacious and sturdy vehicle with the company's logo prominently displayed on its sides. The trailer is attached to the back of the truck, providing additional hauling capacity for large and bulky items. The truck and trailer are parked in a residential neighborhood, ready for efficient junk removal services. The company's branding and contact information are clearly visible, offering a reliable and convenient solution for residents seeking to remove unwanted items and declutter their spaces in Lancaster County."




Give us a call at 717-693-8217 to talk to one of our helpful employees. Or, you can contact us online by clicking Book Now.



Don’t ever get snuck up on by our team. We’ll give you a courtesy call when we’re on our way. That way, you know exactly when to expect us



After some hard work by our junk removal crew, your clutter will be in our truck, leaving you with a spacious, tidy garage!

"Our company, Junk Lockdown! LLC, donating a collection of books to a library in Lititz, PA. The image shows a group of team members from Junk Lockdown, wearing company uniforms and carrying boxes filled with books. The books range in size, genre, and condition, reflecting a diverse selection for the library. The team is gathered inside the library, surrounded by shelves of books. They are engaged in the process of organizing and delivering the donated books, contributing to the library's resources and promoting literacy in Lititz, PA. This act of community involvement showcases Junk Lockdown's commitment to giving back and supporting local institutions."
 "Storage unit being cleaned out in Ephrata, PA, with a boat present. The storage unit is a large enclosed space with metal walls and a roll-up door. Inside, various items are visible, including furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous belongings. In the center of the unit, a boat is positioned, showcasing its size and distinct features.he cleaning process involves removing items from the storage unit, creating a more organized and clutter-free space. The cleanup service provided in Ephrata, PA, ensures efficient and thorough removal of items, including the boat, to meet the needs of residents in the area."
"Storage unit in Ephrata, PA, filled with a diverse assortment of random junk being cleaned out. The storage unit is a large enclosed space with metal walls and a roll-up door. Inside, various items are scattered throughout, including old furniture, boxes, household appliances, electronics, clothing, and other miscellaneous belongings. The cluttered nature of the unit indicates a long accumulation of items. The cleaning process involves systematically organizing and removing the junk to create a more spacious and orderly environment. The cleanup service provided in Ephrata, PA, ensures efficient and thorough removal of the random junk, offering a convenient solution for individuals seeking to reclaim their storage space."
"Dumpster being dropped off at a location in Lititz, PA. The image captures a large dumpster being delivered by a truck owned by Junk Lockdown! LLC company. The dumpster is of considerable size and has a sturdy construction, suitable for holding a significant amount of waste materials. The truck is parked adjacent to the designated area where the dumpster will be placed. The delivery personnel are actively engaged in aligning and positioning the dumpster correctly, ensuring its stability and accessibility. This service provides an efficient and convenient solution for waste disposal in Lititz, PA, promoting cleanliness and proper waste management practices in the area."


Need to tear down that old deck or rickety shed? We also do light demolition! No matter what you need, you’ll be treated fairly by our team of professionals. Our service area covers the Lancaster County Area, and we can get to you fast since we’re owned and operated in Lancaster, Pa.

 "Team members from Junk Lockdown standing proudly next to their branded dumpsters. The image showcases a group of professionals wearing Junk Lockdown uniforms, standing in front of a row of dumpsters in various sizes. The dumpsters are clean, well-maintained, and prominently display the Junk Lockdown logo. The team members exude a sense of professionalism and expertise, ready to provide reliable junk removal services. Their presence next to the dumpsters signifies the company's commitment to quality service and efficient waste management. Junk Lockdown offers a convenient solution for residents in need of junk removal, ensuring a clutter-free environment in an organized and timely manner."





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