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Are you a property manager that needs to remove trash from one of your rental apartments that was left behind by previous tenants? 

Nothing is more aggravating than having to clean up someone else's mess, especially when it involves an entire apartment, house, or business. 

We are currently doing business with several local realtors, property managers, landlords and businesses. We would be absolutely honored to work with you as well! Junk Lockdown! specializes in property cleanouts to streamline the selling/renting process because we understand that time is money The longer your property sits full of junk and not ready for a showing . the more money YOU and your company Lose.

Why choose us? Junk Lockdown! is not a franchise but a local owned business therefore we are able to give you priority scheduling(again time is money), be able to work intimately alongside you and give you the best pricing!

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Property Managers


If you manage multiple properties or an apartment complex, chances are your properties accumulate a lot of junk. Whether it’s bulk trash like furniture and appliances left by the dumpsters, residents who leave stuff behind when they move out, or construction debris from renovations, junk can add a lot of stress and create an eyesore for other tenants. Don’t worry – Junk Lockdown! can help with all your property management cleanout services and commercial junk removal needs.

We offer full property cleanouts, one-time pickups for bulky items like furniture, TVs, and appliances, and regular or on-demand services for bulk trash pickups around your dumpsters for property owners.

At Junk Lockdown! we  handle all the heavy lifting, transportation, and proper disposal of your property junk and bulk trash.

Our  junk removal and cleanout process is straightforward and environmentally friendly. Junk Lockdown! is certified and fully insured.

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Property Cleanout


Types of property cleanouts we offer

Estate Cleanouts

Apartment Cleanouts

Tenant Cleanouts

Moving and Downsizing Cleanouts

Retail Moving and Office Cleanouts

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Hoarder Cleanouts

& more

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